Types of Signage

Channel letters are becoming one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available. They represent one of the fastest growing areas of the signage industry. Whether it is indoor our outdoor malls or stand alone shopping center they are often the best choice available to identify a business. Channel letters come in a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles, and LED or Neon illumination.

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Direct Mounted Channel Letters

Individually Illuminated Letters Mounted Directly to the Wall. 

  • Wired through wall.
  • Cleaner more permanent look
  • Requires additional wall penetrations
  • Longer installation time

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

Raceway Mounted:

  • Minimize wall penetrations
  • Reduced installation time
  • Raceway (bar) used for mounting & wiring
  • Power feed is only penetration in wall

Reverse/Halo Illuminated Channel Letters


  • Fabricated with stainless steel or aluminum
  • Appear Solid
  • Face & sides of letter are opaque
  • “Halo” affect

Samples of our work…

We manufacture all our letters in house and proudly using our USA made Accubend Letter Machine. Not only will your sign be made in the USA it will be done using equipment manufactured here as well. See the machines we use and how your letters will be made at https://computerizedcutters.com/

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