Channel Letters

Direct Mounted Channel Letters

These individually illuminated letters are mounted directly to the wall. The power for the LEDs are “shoe-laced” through the wall and tied together as a circuit. While typically this is seen as a more attractive type of channel letter sign is requires a pass through hole for each letter.

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

As you can see in this photo the letters are mounted to the bar reducing the number of attachment and pass through holes.

Raceway mount channel letters are designed to minimize penetrations into the wall and reduce installation time. The letters are mounted onto a raceway which is seen as a bar that runs behind the letters. This is used to allow for all of the electrical connections to be made between each of the letters and only required one pass through hole for power to feed the sign. This is often preferred by landlords and property owners as is minimizes the wall damage and repairs required once a tenant vacates their space.

Reverse/Halo Illuminated Channel Letters

These letters are manufactured so the letters are solid or opaque. The lighting emanates from inside the letter and casts light onto the background. Due to the solid/opaque faces and returns it creates a halo of illumination around the letters.

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